Enhanced EDX & EELS Spectroscopy PATENT PENDING

Improve and integrate your instrument’s existing capabilities

Precession assisted EELS & EDX to overcome channeling

EELS & EDX signal enhancement via beam precession experiments

Click here for proof of concept outlined by S. Estradé, et al., EELS signal enhancement by means of beam precession in the TEM, Ultramicroscopy (2012)

Requires presence of an EELS and/or EDX spectrometer

EELS quantification possible via Topspin model-based EELS Quantification

OEM customization (EDX and/or EELS Spectrometer integration, CCD and TEM interfacing) available upon request

(requires presence of EELS and/or EDX detector system)

We kindly acknowledge Dr. F. Peiro, S. Estrade, L. Yiedra and J. Portillo – Univ of Barcelona (Spain) Download PDF