Precession Electron Diffraction (PED)
Scanned Acquisition

Integrated beam precession enabling new experiments

Synchronized beam scanning and precession with multi-signal data acquisition

Advanced control of NanoMEGAS DigiSTAR and external optical CCD camera

Virtual STEM imaging with beam precession control

Virtual BF/DF via external optical CCD
Multiple scan modes (spot, line, area)

Video-rate imaging using external optical CCD camera (binocular position)

Fast acquisition of diffraction patterns

On-line distortion correction of CCD camera images

STEM precession electron diffraction (PED) imaging – 4D spatially resolved PED

Acquisition of diffraction patterns with quasi-kinematical (X-ray like) intensities

Advanced image processing features

Intuitive workflow


Screenshot Topspin User Interaction – GaN HEMT
(STEM & Precession Electron Diffraction)

Mayenite mineral electron diffraction pattern
(changing precession angle 0-3 deg)